Some Comments on Victor V. Gurbo & Co.

John Schaefer (Host of NPR's Soundcheck): 

"What I liked about [Victor V. Gurbo & Co.'s "Burnin' the Manor Down"] was it wasn't just like a nostalgia trip.  There was the sound of old New York there, but there was also the sound of modern New York.  And it wasn't just because you were playing electric, it wasn't just because your first line was lifted from a Beatles song - because lets face it, The Beatles are a lot closer to the depression than they are to our time.  There was kind of an edge; a snarling punk edge to this music - and at the same time it was really evoking sounds we probably heard in New York City from the late 20s early 30s.  And really the way you pulled that off and made it - as I said, not just a nostalgia trip.  That was really great."

Marion Caffey (Producer of Amateur Night at The Apollo Theatre): 

"I'm so glad you're here [at the Battle of the Boroughs], because you belong somewhere.  If a firetruck passed outside I'd think they were coming to get you.  I loved the theatrics, I love the air of "we know something you don't know, but we're just going to have fun and you catch up if you need to."  I would never see the group of you walking down the street together, which makes it so amazingly wonderful that you're so together - which is the world that should be the world.  I'm a country boy from central Florida so all the bluegrass concerts didn't go to waste on me.  There was a lot of stuff going on [on stage] from a lot of different worlds but it came together.  And don't loose your [top] hat, the hat loves you, and you gotta keep that hat - I just had a great time."

Leital Molad (Producer of Studio 360): 

"I think there were some fans of [your] performance [at The Battle of the Boroughs.]  I think they like you - I think the crowd likes you.  That was a lot of fun to watch, I really enjoyed the kind of gypsy or Bob Dylan circa Desire feel to the music.  The fiddle playing was just great and the pianist is great - and Victor, you're really compelling to watch and I really love your look, I love the matching shirt, guitar, bolo tie - and your eyes, which were piercing blue through the video……There is great energy behind the band, and what Terrance [McKnight] said, you're not just a group of Williamsburg hipsters, I can really appreciate that.  Your band is a really eclectic group of all kinds of ages, and its great to see that on stage and you're clearly having fun."

Wes Jackson (Founder of the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival): 

"This is a hell of a way to end [The Battle of the Boroughs] with you cats right here.  I have to thank everyone who came out here, but I just love this - you brought some of that new orleans little mixup in there - but I particularly love the violinist who is trying to be cool, she was trying to be cool and while my man singing in the front is clearly the energy but at the end you notice her face she couldn't hold it back anymore she was loving it I just love seeing people get into their own craft that much, so that was um- I'd book you all you guys at the festival if I could, I loved you all, I loved it."

Alicia Olatuja: 

"I remember this band from the last time they played [at The Battle of the Boroughs], and there's a sort of intellectual something in the band - and I love that there's some sort of cerebral something going on behind the music and in the approach.  And you can definitely see that in the lead soloist…...they're fantastic, and I want to hear more of them - which is a good sign, with a band."

Victor V. Gurbo

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