Kenny Lee, Lead Guitar
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Evan Sanyour, Drums
Jason Scott Laney is a piano/keyboard player and songwriter living in Brooklyn, New York. In addition to his work with Victor V. Gurbo & Co., Laney performs with Mad Meg, House of Fiction, and The Bliss Jockeys. He is also the Music Director for the monthly literary reading and performance series Derangement of the Senses, and performs every Sunday night at Mary-Os.
Jason Laney, Piano & Organ
Bass guitarist Larry Johnson began performing professionally  with avant-garde pianist Mark Hennen and Pieces of Eight.  Heavily influenced by Bootsy Collins and Marcus Miller, Johnson was an original member of the improvisational funk band Foolish Pleasure.  He then  began working with singer composer Mark Worthy.  His charismatic stage presence and “in your face” funkiness perfectly complemented Mark’s “quiet storm” personality, and they’ve performed together ever since.  Larry has performed with a diverse roster of musicians including Charles Compo, Ted Daniels, Rasheed Bakir, and Susan Smith.  Larry Johnson is also the bassist for R&B and Soul band "House of Fiction." 
Larry Johnson, Bass Guitar

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