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Voccoli Guitars retail value: $1349.99 USD.
This auction is run manually so please allow time for updates.
Donation will be arranged through NYC for Bernie.
Winner pays shipping or arranges local pickup.

A message from Voccoli Guitars:


    The Telecaster has been a symbol of the working musician since the dawn of its conception. Prior to its release in 1950, for a professional guitarist to break their instrument was potentially catastrophic. Guitars were delicate, fragile, and expensive - especially electrically amplified ones. So imagine for a moment that you’re a gigging musician, and you drop your only guitar. With that crash goes your livelihood. Even if the instrument can be repaired, the time and money those repairs cost result in lost wages. For those whose incomes depended on music performance, that situation would be disastrous.


    For that reason, Leo Fender began laboring away on a practical instrument for “Spanish-style” playing - something pragmatic, affordable, durable, and with easily replaceable parts in the event of misfortune. Instead of an intricate dovetail joint, he pioneered the “bolt-on” neck. Instead of a bundle of hard to reach wires, he wanted something with convenient accessibility - ideal not only for repairs, but also modifications. Instead of a fragile hollow guitar body prone to feedback, he dreamt of a solid body that could take a beating.


    The instrument was released on the market in 1950 as “The Esquire,” featuring only one single electric pickup. Critics wrote the concept off as an ugly phase, but changed their tune when they saw how it was changing guitar playing. In 1951 Fender released a two-pickup version of the guitar called “The Broadcaster,” which was quickly renamed “The Telecaster,” and it really hasn’t changed much since. Despite being almost seventy years old, its design is still a staple of the Fender brand as well as a mainstay in a modern musician’s arsenal. Unassuming in it’s presentation, the Telecaster is a no-frills way of getting the job done right. In addition, the guitar has been on the scene of many of music’s most iconic turning points: from Bob Dylan’s infamous electric performance at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival, to the iconic “Purple Haze” solo Jimi Hendrix recorded in 1967 - the Telecaster has been there, always the same.


    Much of the music first made with the Telecaster wasn’t received well. It was written off or scoffed at - but proved to be part of a large cultural movement. Eventually Telecasters found their way into the hands of Muddy Waters, pioneering a new range of electric blues, or in the hands of Kurt Cobain in a new genre of grunge. Legend has it that Pete Seeger tried to take an axe to Bob Dylan’s Telecaster when he went electric - but just because something isn’t received well doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be said. Inevitably, these moments are history - just like the political revolution championed by Senator Sanders.


    No instrument better represents the plight and passion of Bernie Sanders. Paying homage to Senator Sanders, as well as Fender’s original concept, the body of this guitar is constructed out of pine - the original telecaster prototype material. Many large guitar manufacturers use exotic tone woods, damaging our environment through the act of harvesting and importing these materials. However, Voccoli Guitars uses sustainable woods traditionally grown in The United States. This particular guitar is one of the two first "Voccoli Guitar's Artist Series," where we team up with local artists to create "playable art." Each piece is a one-off, and one-of-a-kind. This particular guitar was done by Voccoli Guitar's own Victor V. Gurbo. No chemicals or sprays that damage the environment were used. The single coil bridge pickup is made by Gemini Pickups, constructed in the USA, and the neck pickup an Invader made by Dragonfire. The eco-friendly Fender-licensed maple neck (made by Mighty-Mite) has a traditional 25.5 scale length, and features a synthetic nut instead of bone. 


All the proceeds generated from the raffle of this guitar will be donated to the Bernie Sanders 2020 presidential campaign.

- Victor V. Gurbo