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Photograph by Ivory Goldberg (@CoryGoldbergPhotography ) courtesy of Roomful of Sky Music (@RoomfulOfSky)

"The Quarantine Sessions" is a collaborative musical project spearheaded by Mark Caserta and Victor V. Gurbo.  These tracks are lo-fi home-recordings, completed socially-distanced, and consist of both cover songs and originals (written by Victor V. Gurbo.)  

Please visit our Quarantine Sessions SoundCloud for the full list of songs.

About the Quarantine Sessions:

The Quarantine Sessions began at the start of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.  Unable to work with their regular ensembles and unable to perform in front of people, Mark and Victor (like many other musicians) found themselves lost.  In lieu of meeting up together to create music, they began creating tracks in their homes and sending them to one another.  These tracks were created with whatever was on hand, using things like iPhones to record takes, kicking briefcases to simulate drums, etc.  The goal of these tracks were to sound as “live” as possible, something unattainable at the time.  What began as an exercise in staying sane as artists has transformed into a large collection of material, consisting of modern songs, folk and blues standards, and originals written by Victor V. Gurbo.  While live music has begun to return, the Quarantine Sessions continue - bringing you unique lo-fi versions of some of your favorite songs, and some you’ve never heard of.  

About Mark Caserta:

Mark has more than twenty years of experience in the New York City music scene as a guitar and bass player.  His past work includes: lead guitarist for the Milagro Saints, bassist for Dutch Kills, and multi-instrumentalist for 7th Boro.  He is also a visual artist, and you can find his photos and music videos at @MainStreetComplete on Instagram.  

Where can I hear this?

The entire project is available for free on Sound Cloud!  PLEASE CLICK HERE, and you’ll be able to listen to the entire catalogue in chronological order.  The author of the song is presented next to the title of the track.  If there is a guest artist, this is also noted in the title.  Please be aware that unless marked as an original, while our compositions are unique - we claim no copyright or ownership of the song.  

Can I buy this?

While this project isn’t yet available in physical form, we do have a limited run of vinyl recordings created by Leesta Vall Studios.  Each album features original artwork, and will not be created again.  These are available on our shop HERE.  

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