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Ilya Popenko Victor V Gurbo Mona Lisa Telecaster Bay Ridge.jpg

Photograph by Ilya Popenko

Press & Quotes

""Roots revivalist Victor V. Gurbo and his four-piece backing band create original folk ballads infused with an Americana spirit...voted the Brooklyn Borough Champion at WNYC & WQXR's Battle of the Boroughs, Gurbo & Co. pay homage to the canon of American song and poetry with a raw, bluesy, foot-stomping sound that’s both classic and contemporary."
Brooklyn Academy of Music 

"I liked that it wasn't just a nostalgia trip. There was the sound of old New York there, but there was also the sound of modern New York. And it wasn't just because you were playing electric...There was kind of an edge; a snarling punk edge to this music -and a t the same time it was really evoking sounds we probably heard in New York City from the late 20s early pulled that off and made it." 
John Schaefer (host of NPR's Soundcheck) 

"I'm so glad you're here [on stage], because you belong somewhere.  If a firetruck passed outside I'd think they were coming to get you.  I loved the theatrics, I love the air of ‘we know something you don't know, but we're just going to have fun and you catch up if you need to.’  I would never see the group of you walking down the street together, which makes it so amazingly wonderful that you're so together - which is the world that should be the world.  I'm a country boy from central Florida so all the bluegrass concerts didn't go to waste on me.  There was a lot of stuff going on in your music from a lot of different worlds, but it came together…I just had a great time."   
Marion Caffey (Producer of Amateur Night at The Apollo Theatre)

“I think the crowd likes you.  You’re a lot of fun to watch, I really enjoyed the kind of gypsy or Bob Dylan circa Desire feel to the music…the pianist is great - and Victor, you're really compelling to watch and I really love your look…There is great energy behind the band, and what Terrance McKnight said, you're not just a group of Williamsburg hipsters, I can really appreciate that.  Your band is a really eclectic group of all kinds of ages, and it’s great to see that on stage and you're clearly having fun." 
Leital Molad (Producer of Studio 360) 

“Gurbo’s evocative lyrics find solace in vulnerability, creating a space where the listener can reflect on their own experiences of love and loss during the festive season. The song’s well-worn holiday card-like quality invites us to pause, reflect, and find beauty in the poignant moments that make the holiday season uniquely human.”
Honk Magazine

“The song has a purity and candor that makes it feel even more potent. The track feels personal and universal at the same time…That level of articulate emotional introspection is a privilege to listen to.”
Music Taste UK

“Victor has an old soul; his music feels like it came straight from old-time Brooklyn. He doesn’t need backup singers/dancers or to put on a tremendous show. All he needs is his guitar and unique vocals to truly captivate an audience. His lyricism is unique and profound, tackling topics of love, loss, and heartbreak. Christmas & You highlights this innate talent, with bittersweet lyrics about holiday memories that are now long gone.”
Rising Artists

“This song is a masterpiece, in its simplicity and emotional impact.  The minimalistic arrangement allows Gurbo’s voice to shine, conveying the depth of the story through each note.  The home recording aspect adds a genuine touch, making listeners feel as though they are partaking in a heartfelt confession."
Beach House Magazine

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